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Ontra Studios is a Utah SEO firm that specializes in aggressive high quality SEO. Every moment of every day customers are looking for you, and if you are not on page 1 of google, they wont find you. Some Utah SEO companies want to put you into a generic one size fits all contract, and a follow a general link building plan drafted years ago that they apply to every client. We don't do year long contracts and we don't do one size fits all programs, we do custom full bore leave nothing behind and nothing to chance SEO. Our SEO proposals offer guaranteed first page rankings in Google within 120 days, when you follow a custom tailored solution for your website. SEO Chart 1 If you have a website thats below the first page, you aren't getting any traffic, and no traffic means no sales. HOW DO I GET MY WEBSITE TO THE TOP? First you need a plan, a custom plan based uniquely on your websites strengths and weaknesses. Evey day we diagnose website ranking problems and create custom plans to solve them they yield results and return on investment. Let us do that for you for free.

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In the old days of SEO you needed a factory, a company that could do as much work as possible in a short amount of time, the more they got done, the better you would rank. Google has changed, now companies that over optimize are penalized, and the so called SEO factories are closing their doors. The automated assembly line approach to SEO no longer works Ontra Studios takes the approach of a skilled surgeon, first we treat each client like they are unique, with unique competitors, products and varying levels of progress. No one gets locked into the cookie cutter approach of set programs that work in general, but that are not expressly designed for you, and your circumstances. A custom tailored strategy is created for every one of our clients, thats why we rank, and ultimately, thats why our clients rank.

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There are hundreds or even thousands of companies all over the web that are offering the same products and services as you do. The competition is high and the potential to be on top is slim but possible through proper optimization. The optimization process is very complicated and requires extensive knowledge and experience because poor SEO techniques can hurt your ranking instead of helping it. Let us take the stress out of this decision, and take care of it for you. Its time for you to be at the top of Google, and other search engines, we can get you there.

The earlier you begin optimizing your website, the better. As a matter of fact, a website should be optimized right before it is published. However, even if you fail to do it you can still optimize your website. You just have to look for a UTAH SEO firm that already has a proven track record and has helped wide variety of internet business owners.