At Ontra Studios we’re dedicated to making the internet work for you. We are an experienced online marketing company with over 10 years experience designing and driving traffic to websites ranging from simple mom and pop shops, to intricate eCommerce websites. The internet is flooded with options when you Google SEO company, and selecting a company you can rely on or trust can be very difficult. As the best natural SEO company Utah can offer, we take our work and our clients’ needs seriously, offering no up front fee, month to month contract solutions to your internet marketing needs. Combining SEO web services, exceptional web design service, and eCommerce development company services, Ontra Studios is dedicated to making the internet work for you.


We offer a comprehensive range of services to site owners and businesses in need of improving or creating a highly effective web presence. We are committed to creating the highest possible ROI on your internet marketing investment. This devotion to quality comes with equal dedication to customer service. We want our clients to rave about us, and our month to month approach is proof that we don’t just talk, we walk.


Search Engine Optimization

For your website to attract visitors, search engine optimization is essential. When a potential customer wants to find a company likes yours, he or she will go to a search engine and type in a search term. If your company's web site is not on the first page of the results, it is likely the potential customer will never find you. This means that you lose out on a sale.

A web site that has been optimized for search engines means that sites like Google can easily find it and rank it for relevant terms. Whatever terms a customer uses to search for your site, your site should be optimized for those terms. Highly targeted search terms bring in customers who are more likely to need the products or services offered by your web site, and you want those customers to visit your site when they conduct their search. For this to happen, your site needs strong SEO support.

To ensure that your web site ranks highly enough in search results to be found by your potential customers, take advantage of the SEO web services offered by the Utah SEO company Ontra. Here at Ontra Studios we make it our mission to get your web site and thus your company name out there where your customers will find it. If you want to beat your competitors in the search rankings we are the best SEO firm Utah has to offer.

As a top Utah SEO firm, we keep up to date on all of the latest advances in SEO development. Search engines like Google change their algorithms regularly, which means that the same tactics that got a web site ranked highly yesterday might not work as well tomorrow. To stay relevant on Google SEO company strategies must evolve as well. It is a rapidly changing field, and with the web experts at Ontra your site will stay competitive no matter what Google throws at it.

In addition, with Ontra you will receive top-notch service at a competitive price. We get results quickly, so you will soon see the benefits of choosing us as your Utah SEO company. Ask us about website hosting SEO options as well.

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Web Services

Utah SEO services are just one of the things handled by Ontra Studios. While we have the most dedicated SEO company Utah can offer, we also provide web and mobile design. Our Utah SEO firm will keep your web site current with the latest in SEO development, which will attract visitors to your site. Once a visitor clicks on your site, however, you want him or her to stick around and to be able to find what he or she needs. That is where web design comes in. A well-designed site is visually appealing and easy to navigate. It should also showcase the brand or company represented by the site. Each design is different, and the web experts here at Ontra are committed to making your site the best it can be.

Design and SEO go hand-in-hand. Without a good design no one will want to visit your site, and without the help of professional Utah SEO services no one will visit it in the first place because it will be too difficult to find. To run a successful web site you must make sure both of these areas are well-covered. Ontra Studios can help you do just that.

Whether you want to build your site for computer browsers, mobile browsers, or both, Ontra can provide you with a design that speaks to your customers while furthering your brand. Interactive sites encourage customers to stay and browse and potentially make a purchase or contact your company for further information. Here at Ontra Studios, everything we do is geared towards helping your web site reach its full potential. Ask us about our high-level web designs, take a look at our portfolio, and be sure you do not forget the importance of our SEO web services in reaching your target audience.



If you sell a product through your web site, you should have your site optimized for ecommerce. Ecommerce development companies like Ontra take your site to the next level and provide the ultimate experience for your customers to purchase through your site. Just like with SEO, ecommerce is developing and changing all of the time, and to be competitive a business must keep up with current trends and be prepared for what may happen in the near future. Ontra will help your site to do this.

To provide a pleasant shopping experience for customers, an ecommerce site must make purchasing simple and fun. The products available should be easy to find and learn about so that customers can choose exactly what they want. There should be no problems with ordering; if customers encounter an error or if a page loads too slowly they make take their business elsewhere. Ecommerce development companies work to optimize web sites for product display and easy ordering.

In addition, once the customer places an order, the business must receive the order properly in order to fulfill it. If there is a delay in receiving the order, the business will not be able to get the product to the customer in a timely fashion. If there is an error or confusion in the order information, the customer could receive the wrong product. Payment information must also be processed correctly in order for the business to be compensated for the purchase.

With the many parts that come together to form an ecommerce site, it is important to choose an ecommerce development company that can handle them all. Ontra will make your site shine in every way. With our combination of site design, ecommerce knowledge, website hosting SEO, and the experience that comes from being the greatest SEO firm Utah has seen, your ecommerce site is sure to be a success.


Ontra Studios Provides the Services You Need

Our web design services will get your site started on the right foot, combining aesthetics with ease of use, speed, and functionality, as well as high-class performance across web and mobile browsers. For ecommerce sites, our know-how in that area will help you create the best possible shopping environment for your customers. Any site can reach higher in the search engine rankings with our search engine optimization options.

If you want a Utah-based business that combines design, ecommerce, and SEO web services while offering competitive prices, quick results, and high quality, Ontra Studios is exactly what you are looking for. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our abilities to meet your specific needs.